Dannielle Hayes Photographer


I was about 2 or 3 years old, sitting on a scratchy couch with my older sister. We were wearing tomato-red smocked dresses hand-made by our mother. Our blond hair was tightly braided and done up with ribbons. While my sister was posing very prim and proper with her ankles crossed and hands neatly folded on her lap, I was swinging my legs wildly and marching my fingers across my knees. “Watch the birdie!” someone shouted from beneath a big black cloth on a tripod and the camera clicked. Since then, I have avoided tight braids and scratchy couches and been on the other side of the camera, but still looking for that elusive birdie.


My first memory is being photographed.

“Dannielle has seen the world and brought back its soul to share with the rest of us”

Pentax Life Magazine